No booking have been made at the time of quotation given to you, the quotation given to you is a initially quotation and is based on information and details given by you and this is tentative quote and itinerary. Final itinerary will be given after hotel and flight confirmation and first payment.

For Flight booking, the flight will be book after transfer of complete cost of flight by you to FUNSEASONAL TOUR AND TRAVELS Cancellation charges apply as per the cancellation policy of the mentioned flight.

Visa Cancellation Charges (If any) Non Refundable.

Airline Cancellation Policy: All cancellation and date change of Air tickets is based on the airline policy and will be shared at the time of the requirement.

Kindly transfer all your payments as per the schedule mentioned in the invoice or inform us if you fail to do so. Our system is so advanced that the booking will automatically get released if no update from your side. Re-booking charges may apply and will be as per the company policy. If you still wants to cancel your booking, complete amount given by you will be forfeited.

Funseasonal would not liable for any refunds or adjustments with regard to rescheduling of flights in case of visa not issued by any Embassy(for any reasons) before the travelling date and no refunds or adjustments would be made against land part arrangements.

Visa processing is handled by third party company and Funseasonal is responsible only for forwarding the requisite documents to company. Client has to follow up the visa process directly with the company and Funseasonal executive would provide the assistance in case of urgency.

Funseasonal is not responsible of late receivables of requisite documents to Visa processing company due to any reasons and same should be taken care by client in a timely frame manner.Funseasonal is not responsible in case the visa process is delayed due to late submission of documents.

Note :
All the destinations booking are completely non refundable and will not be refunded later. If later due to non issue of payment or late payment price of any hotel/resort/ apartments etc. And of flight /ferry/ transfers / local sightseeing any thing changes Online or offline then funseasonal shall not be liable and customer will pay the entire increase in charges of any booking.